Gourmet Biscotti Is An Ideal Dessert

The coffee craze is still going strong many years after franchise and independent coffee shops have seemed to pop up everywhere. For those who do not know, these places serve a wide variety of beverages that range from teas to blended drinks that can be enjoyed by all ages. Many customers like to have gourmet biscotti to accompany these beverages.

These come in many varieties and flavors. Some are small or bite-sized, have a brittle or dense consistency, or are about half a foot long with nuts like almonds. Flavors range from vanilla, which has a subtle flavor to lavender to extreme flavor combinations that uses nuts, chocolate, and caramel or peanut butter ganache.

While most coffee shops serve baked goods, these have a lot of fat and calories and can be a little heavy due to the amount of sugar used. Although biscotti contain sugar, it is relatively low compared to a cupcake or pie slice. People who want to cut back on their sugar intake may find this to be good news, and biscotti are great for dipping into coffee.

Another good thing about these simple treats is that they are not limited to the pairing of coffee or coffee flavored drinks. If a person enjoys tea, such as Darjeeling, herbal, or roobios, these are light in enough in taste so it does not overpower the flavor of the beverage. They may also be enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate or cold beverages that do not contain caffeine.

Lovers of biscotti probably realize that to buy one or two on a daily basis adds up over time. People who like to bake may want to experiment with a recipe or two but others who just want that great taste may look to sellers that offer many flavors. One box may cost half of the price of getting single biscotti from a coffee retailer.

Buying a box not only saves money but also it allows one to have as many varieties at their convenience. Having coffee at home sometimes has its advantages like not having to drive or walk. Biscotti are also a great way to entertain those who may stop to socialize while having coffee or tea. It is becoming a popular choice because of the low amounts of fat and sugar, which can give some a heavy feeling.

Some sellers like to create exotic biscotti flavors that contain flavors like anise, clove, or licorice. Others like to sell flavors inspired by popular desserts like apple pie, red velvet cake, or turtle candies. Sometimes the franchise operations may try these for a time but they often sell universal flavors like chocolate, hazelnut, or vanilla.

This is another good reason why people who like these tasty treats may want to have their own supply on hand. If they have a craving in the middle of the night or want something different to pack for road trips, these come wrapped and ready to go. While their popularity is growing slowly among coffee and dessert lovers, biscotti will eventually become one of the more popular desserts.

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