Different Designs That Can Be Used When Baking A Birthday Cake Raleigh

Holding birthdays is a tradition for many families in Raleigh. There are birthday cakes to suit the needs of anybody holding such a party. Cakes are associated with sweetness and can be designed in a manner that catches the attention of every guest. The designs of cakes have always changed constantly and this has led to a lot of variations. When choosing a birthday cake Raleigh residents should choose a design that is appealing to the person it is being made for.

When choosing the designs of cakes meant for school age children, you should consider what they love. If your child loves sports, you can choose one that is designed to appear like a cricket bat, a rugby ball, a soccer ball or a stadium among other items. You can also request a baker to design a cake that resembles the favorite cartoon character of your child or a sports star.

Children of either gender may like birthday cakes resembling ships, mermaids, colorful clowns and pirates. Girls love cakes that have Barbies in them. Adolescents also love cakes which are designed to resemble iPods and laptops. For children who love reading, parents can select cakes resembling books.

Other great ideas for children birthday cakes are those that resemble elephants, butterflies and alligators. Children also love cakes, which resemble bulldozers, cars, spaceships, trains and tractors. Cakes resembling burgers, fruits, fish, candies and hotdogs may also be interesting to children.

Parents who have toddlers can order a cake that has bright colored icing. They should also consider selecting cakes that toddlers can easily eat using their hands. A cake that is decorated with large shapes of vehicles such as cars and trains are also ideal for toddlers. Ideally, birthday cakes for young children should not contain too much sugar. Parents can ask their bakers to use whipped cream instead of icing to decorate such cakes.

When ordering birthday cakes for adults, Raleigh residents should choose cakes that have good flavors and are appealing in appearance. One of the ingredients used in cakes meant for adults is alcohol, particularly rum. People who are choosing cakes for women can get one that is designed to look like a flower, a piece of jewelry or any other accessory worn by women.

Cakes that have designs of open jewelry boxes that contain a necklace or designs of colored sunglasses are also ideal for women. You can also choose birthday cakes designed to appear like fruits or foods. For a man, you can select cakes, which are designed to look like gadgets such as laptops, cameras, gaming stations and mp3 players.

People who live in Raleigh can also order cakes, which resemble sofa sets, recliners, vehicles and beer bottles for male recipients. Men who are attuned to the dark side may appreciate cakes with Gothic designs. Examples are completely black cakes in the werewolf or vampire themes. Cakes designed to appear like the favorite music instrument of a male recipient are also ideal.

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