Delicious Recipes For Champagne Truffles

There are certain desserts that automatically make a person think of special occasions. Wedding cakes or cupcakes are expected for marriages. Rich, chocolate desserts are popular for birthdays. Dinner out at an Italian restaurant usually means cheesecake. But when considering an anniversary celebration or even a Valentine's Day delight, there are dozens of delicious recipes for champagne truffles.

Although the name might lead one to believe this decadent dessert is based on a mushroom, don't worry. While there are mushrooms that are similarly named, that is where the resemblance stops. In fact, this confectioner's delight was initially made popular by Teuscher. The signature touch was the addition of a rich, creme Dom Perignon center surrounded by a dark chocolate ganache. It was then rolled in a light coating of confectioner's sugar.

The original recipe called for the finest ingredients available. This, of course, meant that they were reserved for the most elegant tables and events. With that reputation came the price. For the every day individual, there was never going to be a time when they could afford to purchase those tasty delights. But, human ingenuity won out. Once the basic ingredients were known, individual's began experimenting with their own recipes.

Even if a person is not a particularly fantastic cook, there are dozens of recipes that are easy to follow. Doing a specific web search for a user friendly method, it is as easy as typing the words into a search engine with quotation marks around it. Once the search is complete, there are hundreds of options available at the click of a mouse. Take some time to peruse the offerings and select one that best suited to one's experience.

What makes this dessert particularly unique is the fact that there are many variations that can be done. Any time one is adapting a recipe, it is best to start with decoration rather than recipe. An interesting way to take this already delicious chocolate delight to the next level is to add gold leafing. Leafing is 14 karat gold foil that is extremely delicate, but edible. When applied with a dry paint brush, the golden color almost looks like the bubbles in the glasses.

Another tasty option is using a milk chocolate mix instead of dark chocolate. The basic instructions stay the same, however, instead of wrapping the liquored center in a rich, dark ganache it is rolled in liquid milk chocolate. Not only is it a delicate flavor, the color looks like rich caramel. Again, the completed and dried eggs look great in a glass bowl.

A unique twist on the recipe is making the truffles pink to go with the signature drink. In this case, after the creme center is hardened, white chocolate is used with a splash of cherry or strawberry gelatin to tint the exterior. It is not quite as rich of a taste, but delicious nonetheless.

When looking for a way to celebrate something special in your life, think outside of the box. Boxed candy holds nothing compared to a handmade dessert. Show that awesome someone just how much you care in a new and inventive manner. It will be an experience they will never forget.

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