Useful Information About Seafood On Redondo Beach

If there is anything Redondo Beach CA is popular for, then it is richness in aquatic life. All forms of life found in the sea and considered as fit for consumption by humans is called seafood. Both animal and plant lives fall in this definition. Animal life comprises shellfish and fish. Various varieties of mollusks, echinoderms, and crustaceans are comprised in the shellfish category. Formerly when mammals like whales and dolphins were still consumed by people, they were classified under this category but that changed with decline in their consumption.

People in various regions worldwide consume several varieties of sea plants as food. Such plants include seaweeds and microalgae. The sea also has its own kind of vegetables called sea vegetables. Sea life cultivated or reared for human consumption is raised n ponds and other manmade water sources. The process is called mariculture or aquaculture. The process is called fish farming in the case of fish. On the contrary, the harvesting process is called fishing.

Even though these organisms are meant for consumption by humans, they may also be used to feed other farm animals and fish. Many minerals required by the human body are contained in these organisms in large quantities. Some of those minerals include vitamins, fats, phosphorus, proteins, iron, and zinc. People who reside along coastal lines derive essential body nutrients from diets made up of aquatic life. Although strict vegetarians exclude sea meat from their diets, flesh from these organisms is not classified as meat.

To prevent the organisms from going bad after fishing, they must be kept in cold places. Keeping in a refrigerator or freezer can do. Creatures like oysters, clams, lobsters, and mussels must be kept in clean well ventilated water to keep them alive. This is because they are required alive at the time of cooking. Cross-contamination should be avoided by keeping cooked and raw foods separate.

Frozen food should be given enough time to defreeze before it is cooked. If one is in a hurry, defrosting can be accelerated by putting the organisms in a polythene bag and then placing the bag in water. This way, defrosting takes a few hours to complete.

Soap and hot water should be used to wash hands after and before touching sea creatures. One must ensure that all surface bacteria are removed before cooking. This may be achieved by washing using cold water. Keeping cooked food separate from raw one helps in preventing cross-contamination which is a common but very dangerous issue. Proper disposal must be done to contaminated foods because they cause serious health problems when eaten.

Preservation and preparation of aquatic foods can be accomplished through several other methods apart from refrigerating. Some of the commonest methods are baking, stir frying, broiling, grilling, microwaving, canning, steaming, poaching, and pan frying. Some creatures can only be prepared and conserved through specific methods only. Other foods, ingredients, and vegetables can be served together with sea organisms.

There are many other purposes for which these organisms can be used. For instance, fertilizer can be made from some of them. Also, substances such as spirulina tablets and fish oil are derived from sea life.

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