Choosing Decadent Champagne Chocolate Truffles

The original truffle, a French invention, consisted of a bite-sized ball of ganache rolled in cocoa powder. Although there are many variations of this confection today, what all the versions have in common is that they are balls, squares or other shapes, filled with ganache. Several companies make delicious champagne chocolate truffles and these make great gifts, especially when presented in a special box.

The first truffle, as legend has it, was created in the kitchen of one of the great French chefs. An apprentice was trying to make pastry cream and he poured hot cream into a bowl of chocolate chunks by accident. As the mixture hardened, he discovered it could be worked into a rough ball. He coated it with cocoa powder and was struck by its resemblance to the precious fungus found in the Perigord region of France.

The type of chocolate used in making the truffle can produce very different tastes. Sometimes this is a combination of bitter and sweet with a bitter center and a sweet coating. Other products are extremely sweet, appealing to those with a very sweet tooth. A dark, bitter variety appeals more to those without such a sweet tooth and is often served after dinner with coffee.

Once again, the cream can be used as a way to moderate the sweetness or the sweetness may be intensified by the type used. Some people even substitute condensed milk for the cream or use a mixture of butter and cream for richness. Of course there are also varieties suited to those who prefer less fat.

Many different coatings are used in the modern versions of this confectionery such as icing sugar, desiccated coconut or sprinkles. A tempered coating offers a more finished appearance and contrasts well with a bittersweet interior. Biting into a tempered coating gives a satisfying crackle.

There are different types of alcohol that can be infused into the center of a truffle such as champagnes and liqueurs. Some people really like to taste the alcohol while others prefer a subtle taste that does not overpower the taste of the other ingredients. Many different champagnes are used and these all produce subtle differences in taste.

It is often possible to taste a sample in a store or request one from a company website. If this is not possible reading online reviews can be helpful to find out what other people thought of the taste of a particular product. Of course one can also place a small order for oneself to gauge quality before giving it as a gift to others. A gift like this is perfect for a romantic occasion and in fact any other special occasion.

Factory produced items from supermarkets may look good but often do not have the same depth of flavor as when purchasing from a specialist chocolatier. There are many online chocolatiers offering quality products. A reputable supplier must be chosen, especially considering the problems that can occur when shipping a product like chocolates.

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