An Introduction To Gourmet Popcorn Denver

While there have been recorded instances of people eating it throughout history popcorn first became a popular and widespread snack during the Depression. It became synonymous with the movies because it was a cheap food to buy and you could spend a long time watching movies, newsreels and cartoons for a small amount of money. Today popcorn may not necessarily be cheap but it still has an image of something light and insubstantial and is often one of the first things people think of when it comes to getting a snack at the movies. However this does not necessarily have to be the case as there are a growing number of gourmet popcorn Denver producers.

A fair question to ask is what sets out a gourmet version of a snack from a normal version. On a basic level the idea is the same. The central ingredient is maize. When cooked the maize pops and of course this is where the name comes from. However there are a few key differences that separate the everyday from the gourmet.

Times have changed since then. While popcorn can no longer be considered cheap it still has that image to an extent. Indeed some critics will often use the word in order to deride films that they consider to be catering to a mass crowd, with the light and air popped snack seemingly an ideal metaphor for any insubstantial blockbuster that they are reviewing.

The gourmet version of the snack is different for various reasons. It starts with the soil the corn is made from. This specific treatment means that when the corn is popped the kernels can expand to up to sixty times the size of the seed that they pop out from, allowing for a different texture and taste.

One benefit for choosing a gourmet as opposed to standard variety is the range of flavours. This is especially the case with independent companies who are often bolder and take more risks. While most people will think of either salt covered or sweet you can have endless varieties such as parmesan cheese, sun dried tomato and sweet chilli to name but a few.

A lot of producers will also experiment in terms of flavour. While not a hard and fast rule gourmet varieties do not tend to use artificial flavourings and will often use natural ingredients in order to create more distinct flavours. For example a gourmet toffee popcorn would use real toffee or a savoury variety might include real pesto, garlic or cheese. Ultimately the only real limit is the imagination of the producers and whether there is sufficient demand!

What you may not know is that there are potential health benefits as well. This will depend on how the companies produce their snacks. Some companies do not add butter in order to reduce the amount of calories. Some studies have also suggested that this more natural cooking process is better for the digestive system.

You can purchase gourmet popcorn from a wide array of sources. It may be stocked in your local supermarket or grocery store. Failing that there are wholesalers and online vendors who can supply them as well. If you want to know more or read reviews of different brands use your regular search engine.

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