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There are some evidences that people grow coffee for more than thousand years up there in Ethiopia highlands. Although, they appreciated this plant primarily for its leaves, that were used for making tea. Arab scientists were the first ones that actually tried to roast its beans and drink aromatic beverage. Today, there is a large variety of different subspecies with beautiful aromas, and you can buy your Arabica coffee online.

There are two main commercially grown species, Robusta and Arabica. Robusta is more resistant and grows at lower altitudes, but it contains more caffeine and has higher acidity and bitterness. Arabica loves higher altitudes, and is more sensitive, but contains less caffeine and more appealing taste. The majority of world's productions is this type, thanks to its higher quality. Today, it is grown in different parts of the world, including Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Some of the most popular subspecies are Costa Rica, Guatemalan Antigua and Jamaican Blue Mountain. These blends are mostly used for preparing really good espresso. Coffees from Java and Sumatra are also highly appreciated, thanks to their full body and low acidity. Generally, different coffees grown in East Africa and Central America mostly have higher acidity.

You can easily recognize a good espresso. It has to be aromatic, with pleasant, mild taste, rounded and full bodied. It shouldn't have too much bitterness or acidity, and the foam has to be thick and creamy, golden brown with brown stripes or spots. Blending different types of coffee it is possible to achieve very appealing combinations of taste and aroma.

Thanks to the fact that coffees that come from different parts of the world usually have different properties, combining them you can make new and exciting blends. Nothing is done using chemicals, if you want to achieve lower acidity in your blend, you simply add lower acidity variety in your mixture. Creating especially popular blends took many years of hard work, and some people are real experts on this field.

When they make particular combination of beans, the mixture needs to be roasted. It is done is very large rotating drums, on two hundreds degrees of Celsius. The roasting lasts for fifteen minutes, and air-cooling phase starts immediately after that. This procedure stops the process of cooking and it is needed if you want to preserve the ideal balance of fragrance and taste.

Every cup of good quality espresso should be full of aroma and taste. Rich, golden brown foam, adequate sweetness and nicely balanced aromas of caramel, honey and chocolate. Some varieties have more intensive aroma, for example Brazilian coffees, known by their full body, velvety texture and sweet, chocolate notes in aftertaste.

Coffees from Guatemala are very rich, with recognizable sweetness and lovely aroma that even has a slight hint of citruses, besides caramel. Ethiopia Coffees are mild and delicate, aroma is slightly floral and really appealing. Medium bodied Colombia is rich and aromatic, with distinctive note of fine cacao. Costa Rica coffee is really delicious, with complex taste and aroma that includes orange, vanilla and honey.

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