Tuscan Olive Oil & Usage For A Poached Egg

Typically, I try to steer clear of any stories that are related to cooking in some way or another. This is not to say that the stories themselves aren't helpful - because they are - but I am simply not the type of person that fares well as far as new recipes are concerned. With that said, as someone who enjoys Tuscan olive oil as well as other types of oil in this category, a recent article came to my attention. As it stands, poached eggs can be made with the oil in question.

Of course, there are common substances to consider when it comes to the cooking of poached eggs. For example, water is tremendous for this purpose but you may find it useful to incorporate Tuscan olive oil as well. There are a number of reasons for this, as authorities the likes of Bellucci Premium will be able to attest to. In general, though, you may find that the inclusion of this oil can result in poached eggs being made even healthier once the process is done.

If you are curious as to how this can be done, it seems as though the process itself is actually quite simple. Lifehacker published an article on the matter, which detailed the first step of simply cracking an egg into a pan. Afterwards, a quarter cup of olive oil will be needed and then placed into the pan itself. The cook would also have to take it upon him or herself to baste the egg white with the oil in question. Once the egg is cooked to order, it can be enjoyed.

There are many reasons why I feel like this article should be considered, amongst them being the simple concept of health. It is important to note just how important it is to create healthful meals, especially when there are so many people who have become so conscious of this factor. They want to be able to attain the best products and Tuscan olive oil is easily one of the best. It has good fats that the body can put to use, which is one of its key components.

As you can imagine, monounsaturated fat is more than useful in order to maintain good health, provided said fat is taken in careful amounts. However, with this method of cooking poached eggs, I am sure that health itself will not be much of an issue, if at all. To me, it's simply a matter of choosing a different type of oil and it's hard to deny the impact of this type. Before a cook can realize it, he or she will start to see the many other benefits associated with the product.

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