3 Mistakes In Culinary Arts To Know About

When you think about some of the most common mistakes while preparing meals, which ones come to mind? Perhaps it's miscalculating just how much sugar a pastry needs or maybe you left a loaf of bread in the oven a few minutes too many. Many can chalk these up to being rookie mistakes but those who have been preparing meals for several years still encounter struggles, whether they were of their own faults or not. Forbes recently put together a list of such mistakes but here were the top 3 that stood out to me.

1. Onions have to be cut with attentiveness intact. There are certain ways that foods should be prepared and, in my view, onions are some of the most important to take into consideration. When it comes to cutting onions, you are going to want to start off by keeping the root in its place. You also want to place your fingers on it in such a way so that you can make cuts without actually making contact with the root. Hopefully this should help others get their start.

2. Be careful when using butter but do not be too careful. Whether it is due to a lack of supplies or not, those who are starting to learn from schools which entail culinary arts, for example, will have to keep in mind the importance of butter. It can come into play for the sake of taste but its dairy content can lead many to believe that it should not be used at all. That being said, butter is loaded with fat-soluble vitamins such as A and E. It's just a matter of finding the perfect balance.

3. Make sure that you understand that not all produce goes in the refrigerator. Tomatoes come together as one of the best examples of this, seeing as how they thrive better in warmer environments as opposed to cooler ones. If you decide to go with the latter, chances are that your tomatoes will have a strange texture as well as a taste that isn't nearly as rich as it should have been. Potatoes and onions are just a couple of other instances to keep as far away from the fridge as possible.

While there were other pointers that the article made mention of, I couldn't help but consider these the most important that all cooks should consider. It's understandable that everyone is going to make mistakes in the realm of cooking, even those who have been involved in it for a long time. However, mistakes do not have to be repeated. It's just a matter of making sure that you can not only pinpoint where you went wrong but make an effort to avoid it from happening again.

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