The Implications Of A Grass Fed Beef Farm

For many years, consumers have been made to believe in the fallacy that meat is just meat. In other words, regardless of what the animal is fed, there is no difference between their nutritional value. This is however not true. An animal diet indeed has a profound influence, especially on the nutrient composition of its products. A comparison between a grain fed and a grass fed beef farm animal reveals a dramatic difference.

The difference largely emanates from the type of feeds used and the kind of treatment the livestock is subjected to. Pasture based animals feed entirely on grass and leaves. They grow naturally and are not stressed and abused by additives and the use of hormones, antibiotics and other drugs. The animals, thus lead a healthy life.

Grain fed farms on their part heavily relies on genetically modified organisms such as soy and grain. They have an unnatural approach to animal rearing. The feeds used increases efficiency by boosting productivity. High yields are thus attained at low costs, and within very short span of time. The foodstuffs also incorporate municipal garbage, candy and chicken feather. The method has in fact raised much concern as far as health and environmental conservation is concerned.

Farms relying on natural feeding yield more superb products. The meats from such undertaking are tender and quite succulent, not to mention the health and nutrition benefits. The products have much more far less levels of bad fat content. The difference in the amount of bat fat between the natural and unnatural raised animals range between a half and one third. The level of cholesterol and other such bad fats as calories and saturated fats are quite less in aggregate in grass fed beef. The beef also has carotene and such essentials as vitamin E and C in good measure.

The natural grown meat contains low bad fat while providing you with extra omega 3s. This essential fatty acids play a crucial role in each cell and system in human body. They are heart friendly and people having ample supply in their diet have very low chances of experiencing high blood pressure.

The omega fats likewise good for your brain. They lower the rate of attack by depression, hypertension and schizophrenia. The fatty acids are helpful to cancer patients as they prevent the growth of cancer and improve their healing after surgery.

Despite the benefits accruing from this type of farming, it is not a ride in the park. The practice is knowledge and skill intensive. The secret to success heavily lies in establishing and maintaining above par quality of pasture. The soil must be well taken care off to facilitate quality plants and feeds. The rancher, on his part, should provide a great pasture and leave the rest to his livestock.

It is evident that natural farming is friendly both to the environment and to the animals themselves. The technique also amounts to produce that is nutritious and healthy. Despite this, the farmers involved who mainly practice in small scale experience a major setback. The competition from the cheap, readily available commercial fed animal products has rendered their market insignificant. In a bid to create awareness of the importance of pasture fed products, be sure to try them and if they are to your liking, refer to a friend.

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