The Best Seafood At Its Finest

The West Coast has the most beautiful beaches and tourist destination in the whole country. It is well known for being home to the most coveted cities when it comes to the best resorts and beaches. One of them, the Redondo Beach is in the Los Angeles County. The city established after the then, famous Redondo Hotel is home to the freshest and mouthwatering seafood gourmet.

It boasted a pleasure pier, perfect for strolling, shopping, dining and a sport fishing fleet, which contributes to the alluring beauty of the town. Seaside restaurants lined up the beautiful and relaxing ambience. But what would entice tourists more, but the undeniably best asset in town, Redondo Beach Seafood.

A small business district near the pier used to transport food made from fish. The canning and fishing industry in the area was also in full blast until the economic downturn in the middle of the seventies. Korean seafood restaurants are also hosted in the Marina, Harbor and Pier complexes. The Marina is home to half dozen restaurants.

You will be amazed to find a seafood shop and a pub serving close to one hundred beers on tap. The abundance of food sources in the wetlands of Redondo is the reason why fresh seafoods are easily served in the town. Halibut, sea bass, lobster and even salt, can be found in the vast site where the AES power plant now lies.

A popular seafood grill is located right facing the waters. They specialized on charbroiled sea foods, pasta and homemade chowders. If you want to try something different, then you can choose from their menu items. Fresh fish can also be cooked and served, and all you can eat warm sourdough bread with butter. Crab and lobster meat are the freshest, tastiest you can have in the marina.

Asian styled seafoods are also served creatively in an open demonstration kitchen. You will be enticed to their most loved crab cakes, calamari and salt and black pepper shrimp. You might want to indulge yourself with their exotic dishes with ingredients from all over the world, like the Mississippi catfish and Eureka Sanddabs.

It is not just your stomach that will feast on the food, but your eyes as well, on the beautiful scenery. Redondo Beach has the most scenic view of the crystal blue waters and breathtakingly pristine white sand beach. You could not possibly ask for more with delicious dishes served with different choices of cocktails and beers.

Those who are partial to seafoods may just fall in love with this gourmet now. You can never decline an offer of sumptuous, mouthwatering food when served in an open relaxed space near the beach. You can savor the taste of the food in your mouth, eyes closed, while feeling the breeze on your face.

Your short word trip through the sands and street of Redondo has ended. But this would be a start of your making your footprints visible through the shores of their beach. You, yourself will discover the beauty that it holds and it has taken your heart.

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