How To Cook Shish Kebab In The Best Way Possible

When you think of having a party, the first thing that comes to mind is what you should prepare for the guests to eat. Most of the time this creates worry for the host because each person has a different preference in what kind of food to eat. In this situation, having a shish kebab on the menu can never go wrong.

This recipe originated from the Middle East. But now it is widely spread all over the world. There are already many places that have specialized in this recipe, one place in particular is Shish Kebab East Meadow.

One thing that you can admire in New York aside from the view is the good food. East Meadows in particular is very famous for their array of different variety of kebabs. If you are to visit this part of the Big Apple, you should not pass up the opportunity to taste one of their world famous kebabs.

You may be able to observe but there are already a lot of versions of this dish around. Back then this was not the case. The only meat that was used for a kebab was the meat of a lamb. And as it garnered fame for tasting exquisitely, more people or regions have added their personal touch on the recipe. There are also others who were limited by their religion, hence there are now versions that are safe to eat whatever religion or culture you might have.

You can also choose from pork, beef, chicken meat and fish or other sea foods. Others also tried to make kebab out of vegetable which really adds a different twist to the traditional once. If you are thinking of hosting a party at your home, this is the one recipe that you could try. If you do not know how to upgrade your recipe to a whole new level, just follow the simple tips below.

Marinating the meat is not necessary but it will help the meat absorbs the flavor. Let it dry first before putting it in the fridge to marinate. The best way to do it is to put it in the cooking bag and make sure that there is no air left inside before sealing. 30 minutes of marinating would do the trick but if you have the time, having it overnight would also be good. Make sure that you put it in the fridge to avoid bacteria.

Parboiling the vegetables is a must before you skewer them with the meat. If you are planning on adding the vegetables or fruits in the kebab mix, you should be creative in doing it. Adding color to your dish will make it look more tempting.

The meat that you will be using should at least be of the same size. This way, they will be evenly cooked. The ideal size in cutting would be 1 or two inches. When cooking, mist the skewered food with a little oil so that it would not stick.

You do not have to be elaborate when hosting a party. Simple dishes that are well prepared are sure to make a statement to your guests. If you want to go for cheaper alternative of the metal skewer, you can have wooden sticks instead. You just need to put them in luke warm water to make sure that they would not catch fire.

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