Basic Information Regarding The Lox

People need to have food in order to live. Food is one of the most basic needs of man, and it is very essential as it provides man with the energy he needs to keep going. It also provides him with a variety of vitamins and minerals his body needs to be able to function really well.

While this remains to be a primal need, some see it as a source of immense pleasure. People do not eat to live anymore, because now they live to eat. The number of food enthusiasts are growing by the minute, seeking out near and far off culinary establishments in Austin TX and other places in different states just for the best dish that uses the famed Lox in Austin for that out of this world culinary experience everyone has to try out.

Since more and more are into food worship, the people in the food business employ every trick in the book to make more profits. There is the famed rise of the chains serving fast food and other instant meals. All of these are delicious, yes, but they hardly give the body any vitamins nor minerals. They are only good when taken in sparingly, but for daily consumption, it is better to settle for healthier ingredients, such as fish.

Salmon recipes are good for that delicious dish that hardly feels like you are eating healthy foods. Lox, for one, are so tasty that they always seem sinful even though they are not. Typically eaten with cream cheese and some bagels, the lox is taken from the belly of the salmon. They can even be consumed in fritata, along with other equally tasty ingredients.

The lox is a very healthy food choice primarily because it is not cooked, hence it is not stripped off the natural oils and essential nutrients that is often lost when food is cooked. It is only cured and smoked, which helps it retain its natural smooth texture and rosy pink color. This is often a very popular choice when it comes to breakfast varieties.

Even when it is known to be a breakfast favorite, it is not at all limited to that. There is no best time to eat lox, which means you can eat them any time of the day. You can even include it in your sandwich. In fine dining, they are preferred appetizers by many diners.

Sometimes, people confuse the original one with other similar products, such as the Nova Scotia salmon. Also called Nova lox, this one is cured wild a much milder brine, and then cold smoked. The fish used is not strictly from Nova Scotia, though, as they can be from any body of water. Some of them are even raised on farms.

The Scottish style salmon is another. Instead of just salt, sugar, spices, and other flavorings are also added. It is also famous for dry brining, as the brine is typically rinsed off before smoking.

Finally, yet another salmon product that is being mistaken for the lox is the gravlax. It is also widely recognized as the Gravad lax, prepared using the old Nordic tradition. The salmon is first coated in a special mixture that has quite an abundances in spices. It is not served without the special mustard dill sauce.

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