Authentic Italian Cuisine Myrtle Beach

Widely appreciated Mediterranean cuisine mostly is recognized for Italian specialties. If you are interested in authentic Italian cuisine Myrtle Beach has something to offer. There are numerous restaurants offering this widely popular food, and you will also find beautifully decorated and comfortable Olive Garden restaurants. Here you will find some great foods based on traditional cuisine.

The city Myrtle Beach, SC, is proud to offer seven Olive Garden restaurants where you can enjoy in authentic Italian food. Olive Garden restaurant located in shopping center called The Kings Plaza will surely attract you with amazing aromas coming from their kitchen. Fresh tomato and basil, sweet and aromatic garlic and oregano enrich their lovely salads, and everything is prepared using virgin olive oil.

Beautiful Olive Garden restaurant at Rodeo Drive is really nice place to visit. Their food is tasty, aromatic, perfectly fresh and simply amazingly good. They prepare very tasteful asparagus with Parmesan cheese, crispy and tender. Tortellini al forno are something you should try there, as well as delicious risotto balls or chicken meatballs.

Of course, they have moist and aromatic pizzas on their menu as well. Fresh Mozzarella, Parmesan, black olives, virgin olive oil and fresh basil, home made salsa and aromatic oregano make these pizzas something entirely different. You may also design your pizza yourself, using your own favorite ingredients. Flat breads are really popular, and the one garnished with aromatic grilled chicken stripes is especially tasty.

Soups are very important in Italian cuisine. Widely popular minestrone soup makes a full meal, especially combined with a piece of homemade bread. If you are really hungry, traditional pasta a fagioli will take care of your hunger. Rich and creamy chicken and gnocchi soup is made for real gourmets, and you will simply adore it.

Salads are always good dinner choice, especially if you care about your weight. You have to try their Caesar salad, especially the one enriched with stripes of grilled chicken meat. They also offer a wide variety of seasonal salads, with fresh basil, rich and aromatic virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh Mozzarella and other tasty cheeses.

Chicken Parmigiana is another highly popular dish. You will find famous spaghetti with meatballs here as well. There are many traditional dishes worth of tasting, including Five cheese Ziti al forno. Homemade pasta, fresh ingredients, aromatic garlic and freshly made salsa really make a great difference. Lovely traditional recipes and high quality ingredients are the key of their success.

Traditional lasagna is really popular dish, but they also offer various other types of this popular food. Vegetarian lasagna is also very tasteful, thanks to generous amount of fresh ingredients and herbs. Risotto, Fettuccine or Ravioli, whatever you choose it will be a celebration for your palate.

All seven Olive garden locations are easy accessible, but it is even easier to order their food online. One of their lovely dishes you simply have to taste. Herb-grilled salmon accompanied with gently steamed broccoli is really delicious, aromatic and healthy. High quality ingredients and the best olive oil make this meal really spectacular.

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