Is It Safe To Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil Online

Thanks to its unique phytonutrient composition and numerous amazing health benefits, olive oil is widely recognized as miracle food. There are several categories of this amazing elixir. The first oil get from cold pressed olives is the best one, and should be mainly used as it is, in salads or added to finished food. It tastes and smells absolutely deliciously. Great choice of high quality products allows you to buy extra virgin olive oil online as well.

This amazingly beneficial and tasty miracle food contains high levels of poly-phenols. These valuable compounds are mostly anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. Thanks to that, this unique food has really amazing anti-inflammatory strength. Regular consuming of only little amounts will significantly lower the risk of different heart diseases, and even lower your high blood pressure.

The most wonderful thing about this amazing oil is the fact that its fats are in the form of highly valuable oleic acids, also known as monounsaturated Omega 9 fatty acids. Other oils have significantly lower percentages. These substances are beneficial for your blood vessels, bones and digestive system and even lower your cholesterol levels. It is also known that they have anti-cancer qualities.

Regular intake of cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil will make your meals incredibly tasty, but will improve your cognitive functions as well. Researches show that intensive use can significantly improve visual memory and verbal fluency among older adults. This unique culinary oil can even protect your brain during times of imbalance caused by different physical conditions or injuries.

It lowers the risk of different heart diseases and cancer, including breast and respiratory tract cancer. Anti-oxidants are well known by their ability to fight free radicals that cause premature aging and numerous diseases, by damaging human cells. This miracle oil will protect your cells from these damages and lower the risk of developing such diseases. It also affects the strength and elasticity of your blood vessels.

Extra virgin olive oil has the most delicate flavor and strongest health benefits. It contains the highest level of phytonutrients and can contain up to 0, 2 percent of free acidity. Virgin oil contains up to 0, 8 percent of free acidity, and less delicate taste. Although all other types also contain valuable substances, they are present in lower percentages, depending on their purity.

Pure olive oils are usually blends of refined and unrefined oils. Although it might have 0, 3 percent of free acidity, refining process takes away some of these highly valuable nutrients, as well as specific, mild and delicate taste. It is advisable to use extra quality oils whenever you can. Other types can be used for cooking and baking, for example. Extra quality oils should be used as they are, adding them to already cooked foods and salads.

Today you can find really extraordinary quality oils online, but you need to know a few things before making your choice. As first, always choose products in dark tinted bottles, because this beautiful product should be protected from light, to avoid oxidation. When you open your bottle, you should spend it within two months. After that, your product will be still perfectly good, but nutrients level will start decreasing.

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