Choosing The Best Wedding Menu For The Seasons

Choosing the theme, decor and season of your dream-day wedding is very important but the wedding menu is even more so. You will want foods which flow together and go with one another as well as be seasonal if that is what your wedding is themed by. There are many caterers you can choose from to help walk you through the menu options and take the stress away from you by setting up and serving being done by their staff.

If you have decided on a lovely wedding in the spring, pastel colors should be used in the decorating theme with freshly cut flowers blooming at the time. Daffodils are abundant right now and make beautiful additions. Your menu needs to reflect the light and airy feeling of spring and starting with a crisp mimosa for your cocktails is a great start to the festivities. Your wedding cake choice should have some of the tasty fruits of the spring like strawberry, lime, or pineapple.

The appetizers for spring-time can start with mini-quiches, light shooters of soup or crostini with a tapenade. The main entree choices are seafood delicacies especially plentiful if your wedding is in the Boston MA. Area, or surf and turf. Desserts your guest will find delicious are tarts like pineapple and strawberry, or some type of tropical fresh fruit delicacy.

If you are planning your event in Fall, pumpkins and lovely fallen leaves in burnished orange, golds and browns will be spectacular for decorating ideas. The menu should consist of hardy foods and drinks. A favorite appetizing starter would be a bisque soup served in hollowed out small pumpkins and smoked salmon on the side.

You can choose juicy steak filet, chicken roasted, or a nice savory filet of tuna or favorite fish. The sides should include vegetables harvested this time of the year and for desserts like apple pie, pumpkin pie, and a scoop or two of coffee ice cream on top. The cake for the bride and groom can be a luxurious dark chocolate.

Fall drinks like spiced apple cider and darker red wines. Now if you choose and fabulous winter wonderland event for your big day the colors can be silver and glittering blues, gold and silver or the traditional red and green and you can combine any of these as well to make a lovely decor. The menu should be warm and inviting to take the chill off.

Cocktails like hot buttered rum and hot cocoa with a little extra kick added in with marshmallow or peppermint vodka are great accompaniments to the meal. A soup with vegetables and a hearty beef served with a rye or wheat bread are perfect for starting the reception. Your entree can be a nice ham with brown sugar and honey glazing, this will get everyone in the holiday spirit.

When planning your menu for your big day if you decide against using traditional foods of the season, talk with your soon-to-be and incorporate foods that mean something to the both of you. If you have a favorite cake flavor and frosting then by all means choose that instead. This is you and your partner's day and should be a reflection of the two of you coming together as one.

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