No More Stoking The Fireplace With Gas Logs

It is snowing outside and you are already in a very comfortable position reading in the couch. Moments later, you do not feel warm anymore. Then you knew, the fire is dying so you get up and add more wood. Then you go back to the couch and resume your reading. Moments later, the fire is dying again and you have to get up and add more wood before you go back and read again. You do that again later and the cycle goes on and on.

It can happen because there is this substitute to firewood that is gaining popularity in the US. They are gas logs Dallas and they provide warmth just like real firewood but only requires a remote or switch to start the fire burning. There are two types though, vented and unvented.

Vented logs is the more realistic among the two types. It burns a yellow flame, typical with that of a wood fire burning. Also, there are glowing embers that add to the effect and that which makes it more realistic.

However, there is a down side to this. Vented logs, as much closer to reality as it looks, only provide ten percent of the heat it generates to the house. The rest is exhausted outside the house through the chimney. It is not the ideal kind of log set for people who are really looking for enough warmth in their home.

Meanwhile, unvented logs do not look real despite the yellow flame and glowing embers, but provides the warmth similar to that of a real fire. Ninety five percent of the heat goes inside the house. Imagine how warm is that compared to the ten percent of the vented type.

However, one should be very careful with the unvented type. Although the heat is ideal, it can cause potential danger like fire inside the house. Flammable objects should be removed within the immediate reach of the log set because this one is like an open fire. It is not recommended to start it when you are not at home because this kind of set should be monitored to avoid accidents.

People with asthma or weak lungs might also suffer from the effects of this. One potential danger of this log type is that it causes the oxygen level to drop and another is that it expels a weird odor. However, you need not worry because this type has a built in sensor that will detect when the oxygen level reaches a critical level. If it happens, the sensor will then shut down the power.

Although the unvented type pose more potential danger than the vented, it is the ideal type of gas logs that will provide more heat for your home. However, it all depends on your needs. If the heating system in your home is running perfectly fine and you just need something that will complete the atmosphere, the vented one will do. However, if your purpose is to really make your house cozy and warm, the unvented one will do the job best.

Relax as much as possible during the winter and do things inside the house with as little disturbance as possible. With gas logs, you can now cross out the fireplace from the things to be tended.

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