A Leaf Tea Scottsdale Can Be Enjoyed By All

Tea leaves are the edible part of tea plants, and is usually used to brew hot beverages. The international popularity and distribution of brewed tea makes a leaf tea Scottsdale just as delicious as any other. Traditional ceremonies in all parts of the word have produced a long and fruitful history for the preparation and drinking of teas.

The details of the invention of tea are a mystery, but the popular belief is that it was created in China by Emperor Shenong in 2737 BC. Although it originated in China, Japan was first to discover it and shared it with the world. Having Buddhist monks who always traveled with tea to neighboring Japan ultimately popularized tea in the country. The internationally popular English tea was not even introduced by the royal family until the seventeenth century.

Soaking tea leaves in hot or warm water is the most common way to brew tea. Due to high levels of antioxidants and other health benefits, teas in the Han Dynasty were used in religious ceremonies. Also due to the scarcity of the leaves when they were first discovered, only the rich were able to afford to drink tea. However, as more varieties were discovered and grown, brewing tea became a normal household habit internationally.

Tea is so prevalent nowadays that people are even growing the plants on their personal properties. However, it should be noted that tea plants grow and survive best in warm weather or in temperature controlled greenhouses. This is probably why China and India produce and export the most tea internationally, though there are over thirty countries that also produce tea on plantations to export worldwide.

Green, black, oolong, and white teas are all very popular but also all come from the same plant species: Camellia sinensis. The differences in flavor and visuals between these varieties are due to the location they were grown in, when they were harvested, and also how they were produced for brewing. Herbal teas are also popular choices, but they actually have nothing to do with the original tea plant.

There are a lot of different methods to process tea leaves, but the most popular black tea is usually produced in five different steps. First the leaves are withered and dried, then chopped into smaller pieces, subject to orthodox or CTC methods if weather permits, spread out in a damp area for oxidization, then finally dried again. After these steps, the dried leaves are sorted out in order to be commercially distributed and sold.

The benefits of tea have long been researched. These known benefits include protection against cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Researchers have found that the Camellia sinensis tea plant are full of flavonoids, which could be the reason behind its healing powers. Additionally, the natural caffeine inside tea is known to help as well in weight loss and mental alertness.

Brewed tea is known to be the second most consumed beverage after water, since tea crops are prevalent and widely available to the public. These days, society has become a lot more health conscious and seeks to promote more and more well-being products. Tea is no different, and the many health benefits of it already known and constantly improving only increases its consumption.

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