Socializing With Paint And Wine Parties

Paint and wine parties are the newest in social fun. These parties mix the creativity of painting with relaxation and tastings of your favorite wines. The two together are the perfect set up for masterpieces in the making. The cold, snowy evenings of Denver are the perfect times to attend.

With the addition of a glass of wine or two, you will find it easier to unleash your untapped abilities. With your friends at your side, you will all enjoy the benefits of working on projects that excite and entertain. And, most importantly of all, you will not go home empty handed.

It will give you an opportunity to taste your favorite wines. Some venues require you to purchase your beverages on-premises while other will expect you to bring your own. If you are allowed to bring your own and have a large group coming to the event, encourage everyone to bring something different, including different reds, whites and zinfandels. Bring along a supply of small plastic glasses so everyone can sample several types during the evening. Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages may be supplied by the venue also.

Be sure to investigate the different venues in your area and the different requirements of each. They all should supply the paint, brushes and canvasses as part of the cost to attend. Compare pricing and actually visit some of the locations. After making your selection of the best location, be sure to make reservations for all who plan on coming.

Most will have a local artist or art teacher on site to assist you with your new project. Some will provide step-by-step instruction and have a specific project for you to paint while others give minimal assistance but allow you to use your imagination in coming up with your own distinct designs.

Some of these establishments allow older children to attend on a limited basis. Keep your child in check and allow her to participate in the painting aspect of the function. Children's birthday parties and home schooled students can sign up their own private groups but must be well supervised by several adults.

There are so many ways to celebrate at these venues. Birthday gatherings will give the birthday honoree a wall full of colorful well-wishes. Busy mothers can schedule a Girls' Night Out for an evening of creative and relaxing fun. Bachelorette celebrations will supply a new couple with enough artwork for an entire home. Companies can hold employee meetings to increase morale and levels of teamwork.

A similar event to these gatherings is known as Cocktails and Canvas events. They are exactly the same except that they have a wider selection of beverages which includes hard liquor and cordials. Again, it is important to check with the business policies before bringing your own.

Paint and wine parties can be loads of fun for you and your friends. If you are single, it is also an excellent way to meet people in Denver, Colorado, and some of the surrounding suburbs. Your new-found skill could also send you straight to school to sign up for art classes!!

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