Promote Your Company With Logo Glassware

Logo glassware provides a way for a business to promote itself effectively without having to go to great expense. Many companies and organizations like hotels, restaurants, sports promoters and others use this type of advertising. They have proved that this is a unique way to appeal to customers and get their brand noticed.

An online search will reveal many companies supplying such items, some of which are considerably higher in quality than others. In order to get the best value for your money it is important to choose the correct one. To help you do this, customer reviews can be read, you can find out how long the company has been in operation and also study their terms and conditions to find out what guarantees are offered, particularly in event of breakage.

Another factor that will affect your choice will be the type of service offered. Some companies are prepared to include design services at no extra cost and others offer special deals for large quantities. Some are able to print only one color and others can print in full color. Looking at a portfolio of work already created can give a good idea of the capabilities.

Part of the service provided by a company specializing in this area is to source a large variety of glasses for customers to choose from. The selection is vast, including wine, champagne, shot and whiskey glasses. The quality of the glasses varies considerably from company to company. It is possible to order a sample if you have concerns about quality and this is refunded when the order is placed.

Once you have selected a company, you will place an order. If it is an online company, an order form on the website must be completed. If you have a logo already, this can be uploaded to the site. If you are just starting out and do not have one yet or need one to be redrawn, this design service is usually offered. You will receive a proof of your graphic for approval before printing. Tracking progress of your order is possible on some websites.

There are various techniques used by companies to apply logos to the glassware. Transfers, screen printing and various coating methods are all used. Some screen printing machines are advanced enough to print up to five colors onto a glass. Each color is printed separately and tight registration is ensured by the glass being held on a jig by compressed air. Once printing is completed, the glass goes through a furnace, enabling the design to become a permanent fixture.

One of the benefits of this form of advertising is that it is relatively inexpensive. Commercial advertising can cost a fortune and although it reaches large quantities of people, using high quality customized glasses provides a high end, unusual way to draw attention to your company. Many online companies offer special deals for placing large orders.

When purchasing logo glassware, selecting an online company is often a good way to go. This offers the opportunity of comparing a large range of products as well as their prices. If the company is a reputable one and the right guarantees are in place, there is little danger of a bad experience or any losses from breakages. This provides an affordable and very effective way of getting your business noticed.

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