Finding Fun Art Classes Near Downtown Denver

You can find several different types of fun art classes near downtown Denver without having to look very hard. The city has a museum that offers classes during the daylight hours and the cost is included in the price of your admittance ticket. One of the courses is called "Drawing for people who now know they can" and is a follow up for the beginners class previously completed. The museum also offers drop in sessions where you bring your own materials and can get creative input from one of the staff artists.

You can explore different artistic courses at the museum if you choose. They have textile courses and an extensive architecture course and tour for those who are interested. They conduct a drop in drawing session on the second Tuesday of the month but you must bring your own materials to this course.

A newer type of artistic pursuit is the paint and sip concept. Here the instructors create an atmosphere of camaraderie among the participants by using a social gathering feeling for them. When you arrive you are supplied with all of the supplies you will need to paint your picture as well as your first glass of wine or beer to help you relax. During the evening you will be given snacks and take several breaks for socializing.

One such studio offers a variety of themed subjects that feature step by step instructions on how to create the painting. They also offer craft sessions during the year. All participants receive a canvas, paints, an apron and the first glass of beer or wine included in the admittance fee. They emphasize fun and low stress evenings with music, snacks and the occasional fun and delightful surprises to keep it interesting.

It is not recommended that you bring children to these sessions because it is an adult atmosphere. Children under twelve can be especially disruptive in a situation such as the paint and sip parties. Many of them do offer separate courses for children on weekend days that are approximately three hours long. Parents must sign their child up in advance and then can return after the class is finished.

There is also a traveling sip and paint business. This company has partnered with other local merchants and vendors to use space in their shops for the sessions. The partners are sometimes coffee shops or a deli where there can be snacks and drinks supplied. One question they are often asked by their clients is if they can bring food and drinks from home. The answer is a resounding "no" because it is illegal in Colorado to bring food or drinks to a public function.

The painting sessions generally last up to three hours and everything you will need is provided including your first glass of wine or beer. If you would like another drink you can purchase it from your hostess. The subjects and models that are supplied change every week. They offer themed parties for larger groups and make an effort to seat friends and couples together.

You can enjoy the fun art classes near downtown in Denver anytime you feel the urge. There are several companies to choose from and the cost is not prohibitive. As a single person or as a couple it is a very good way to entertain friends and make new acquaintances as well.

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