Mysterious And Seductive Champagne Chocolate Truffles

Smooth, exciting, sweet and aromatic chocolate still is the queen of all sweets. Delicate and white, smooth and milky, or mysteriously dark and seductive, it provides ultimate pleasure for your palate. Champagne chocolate truffles combine this magical taste with another highly appreciated ingredient, with the best French champagne.

Containing only the best ingredients you can imagine, this combination is impossible to resist. The freshest butter and cream, combined with the finest cocoa and luxurious French champagne make simply irresistible combination of flavors and aromas, so seductive and appealing that it would be hard to even imagine that something could be tastier. The ultimate gourmet pleasure.

This seducing combination contains delicate, but intensive French champagne cream center, surrounded with aromatic chocolate ganache. Everything is then enrobed in milk chocolate and dusted with icing sugar. This original recipe was first made in Switzerland, by Adolf Teucher, back in 1947, and it is still produced there. The original recipe is still a secret, but there are some other confectioneries that make equally delicious products.

In the meantime, numerous variations of this amazingly tasty truffle were made. Today, you will find pure black, seductive variants, full of amazing aromas, light and delicate white or incredibly milky and sweet combinations with fruits, nuts or some other interesting ingredients. The point is that only the finest ingredients can find their way into these amazingly delicious truffles, and this makes them so special.

It is hard to describe this symphony of flavors. Something makes this particular combination of really top notch ingredients really special. You simply cannot imagine it until you try it. It is sweet and delicate, intensive and seductive at the same time, something that has to be enjoyed fully concentrated. A touch of luxury your palate will surely appreciate.

These tasty little candies are sold in elegantly designed boxes, and that makes them just ideal for giving them to someone special. This isn't just another nice looking box of chocolates, this really is luxurious and incredibly tasty gift. After so many years, these delightful candies are still highly appreciated, and it would be hard to imagine something tastier.

One highly appreciated variation contains very delicate white chocolate combined with fruity French champagne and only a slight hint of fresh strawberries. Incredibly tender and smooth, light and exciting at the same time, this combination offers endless layers of pure pleasure, softly melting on your tongue. Rinse these amazing flavors with a glass of good French bubble wine, and this moment will become absolutely perfect.

So, when you need something really special for the person you love, this might be the perfect choice. This luxurious gift looks amazingly good and taste even better. White and delicate, or dark and mysteriously aromatic, all are absolutely delicious. Elegant box of the most amazingly tasty candies you can imagine will show your love and appreciation at the best possible way. The one you choose to love certainly deserves only the best.

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