Denver Coffee Roasters Buyers Will Find These Shopping Tips Helpful

An automatic coffee roaster is the perfect addition to the kitchen of any serious coffee connoisseur. This handy machine lets the user roast as many beans as he or she wishes, which can then be used right away for a terrific-tasting drink that has not had the chance to lose flavor like store-bought varieties. Shoppers should know when looking to buy one in Denver coffee roasters come in different types and have varying features, so it's a good idea to first decide which one would be most suitable.

One thing to consider is how many beans one wants to roast at a time, which corresponds to typical coffee consumption. Generally about four ounces of unroasted beans will yield 26 to 42 cups. Beans should be roasted at most three days before they will be used, in order to maintain freshness, most people prefer to roast daily. Different models have varying capacities.

Different types of machines also turn out differences in flavor. Air roasters produce a characteristic rich taste, and drum roasters generate one that is fuller yet more subtle, it depends which the user prefers. Any kind of roaster is automatic, but some work faster than others, air roasting is generally quicker.

There are both machines for indoor use and outdoor use available on the market. Some are built to generate less smoke, making these models ideal for use inside the home. Both types work best when the temperature around them is warmer, rather than colder, as this helps them reach their optimal heat level. Whichever type is selected, it should be easy to take apart for cleaning and maintenance.

The most popular types of home roasters are air and drum designs. The former roasts in less time and produces a bolder flavor, while the latter slowly seals in a full-body taste. Those who are considering buying a roaster need to know what each type has to offer and what's involved in its use so they can choose the one which suits them best.

An air roaster works in a manner similar to a popcorn popper. The beans float on top of a current of hot air which simultaneously rotates and roasts them. They are well suited to roasting even a small batch of beans, such as just enough to make coffee for oneself and a friend.

Drum roasters roast the beans in a solid or perforated cylinder which heats up and rotates horizontally. A moving paddle inside the drum ensures all beans are evenly roasted, those which are perforated ensure a more thorough roast as they allow more hot air to flow through them. It usually takes about 14-20 minutes to roast the beans, the darker the roast, the longer it takes.

After deciding on a particular style of roaster, one can look at such details as specific features available on different models. One may want to consider the types of controls it has, programming options, and if it has been designed to produce less smoke. Usually drum roasters offer a wider range of features than an air roaster which has a simpler design.

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