Mouth-Watering Flavors For A Gourmet Popcorn

When you go to movies, having a snack which you can munch on is a pleasure. Something that you can absentmindedly grab and put in your mouth while you are engrossed in the silver screen would be good for your movie date. The best snack which you may munch on during such times is the gourmet popcorn.

The usual salt flavor is appealing enough when it comes to this particular snack. However, it will excite one's palate even more when there are lots of flavor that one can choose from. There are definitely a few flavors that go well with the said snack. Here are some of those flavors which you can drizzle on this particular snack during your movie date.

You can find the gingerbread cookie flavor appealing these days. The said flavor tastes just like the real gingerbread cookies. The flavor of the spices for the gingerbread can be rubbed on the said snack. To add more gingerbread cookie feel to the said snack, do not forget to add the molasses into it.

Cookies and cream can be a flavor to the said snack too. You may say that you are getting the best of both worlds when you opt for the said flavor when you are buying your snack. The said flavor is a good one to opt for, especially during the winter season, when you are craving for ice cream with the flavor of cookies and cream.

Jalapeno white cheddar. The said flavor is one that will tickle the taste buds with its spicy finish. Normally, you can enjoy the said flavor when you add a bit of jalapeno flakes into the said snack. You just need to sprinkle it on the said snack. Do not forget to follow the white cheddar recipe for the making of this snack.

Peanut butter. Of course, you cannot avoid people who have a sweet tooth when it comes to the lovers of pop corn. Thus, a flavor that can appease the cravings of the sweet tooth is a good choice. Those who specifically love peanut butter should not hesitate to enjoy the peanut butter flavor for their snack.

Cinnamon sugar should be enjoyable for you while watching movies too. You can say that the recipe is made similar to churros, with the unbuttered popcorns. Melted butter is added into the mix together with sugar. A sprinkle of cinnamon atop the said snack will make it even more delectable for you.

A chocolate kettle corn might not be a new flavor to you. Even more so if it is a dark chocolate flavor. This particular flavor will usually have a smooth blend of sweetness and saltiness in it. It will be drizzled with dark chocolate. There will also be a sprinkle of organic cocoa nibs on top. This vintage flavor is your heavenly take to this snack.

If you are a coconut lover, then you should love having the coconut flavor on this favorite snack of yours. With the recipe where you are to sprinkle a combination of a sprinkle of coconut flakes and a drizzle of dark chocolate, you will make the rich coconut taste shine out. This snack is made more delicious.

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