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Kebab is a thin-sliced meat (originally lamb) that is pulled up on a rotisserie and then cut off as it becomes fully cooked. Shish kebab East Meadow was introduced in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin by Turkish immigrants in the early 1970s. Some restaurants and snack bars do not process meat themselves but get it delivered. Since the 1980s, the industrial production of this delicacy emerged in many countries outside its regions of origin. Many manufacturers have added the meat to their product list.

There are electric and manual versions. Kebap seasoning involves sprinkling a spice mixture adapted for kabab meat. The spice is similar to the barbecue spice but contains no salt. Typical spices include pepper, paprika, chilli, cumin, oregano, cilantro and onion powder. Kebap sauce is used on various fast-food dishes like pizza and usually contain among other things sour cream and kabab spice. The sauce is now canned, bottled and sold in many grocery stores around the globe.

Kebab is a Persian word meaning grilled meat. It is eaten in many places as a fast food, but its application has its problems, since the very idea of kabab in a traditional context requires much time and effort, and is therefore slow food. In Turkey, the art of making a good kebap is a treasured vocation. Shish kebab consists of pieces of meat, often lamb or beef, grilled on skewers with various vegetables.

The kebab rotating grilling refers to the method in which the reel is built. A doner is built with marinated leaves or slices of meat. The meat is usually of high quality, as tendons, bones and the like are very hard to hide while serving. Doner kebab, as it is known today, has its origins in Bursa, Turkey. The idea of doner is that the juice and the power of meat preparation should not to disappear into the fire, as it can be done through horizontal cooking.

It is a type of fast food with a pita or a thin flat bread filled with kebabskav, onions, pepperoni, lettuce and sauce. Although pickled vegetables and chopped herbs may also be used. Another common variant is the platter, with which the meat is served with lettuce, onions, sauces, french fries, rice, bulgur or mashed potatoes.

The term specifically refers to the thicket sandwich of grilled meat on a skewer or doner kabab, and by extension, the type of restaurant that serves it. Among the most common equivalents include doner kebab, shawarma and its variants preferred in the Middle East. These terms all refer to either meat and its preparation method or the corresponding sandwich.

In Europe, the kebab is usually a sandwich or a cake made of grilled meat and cut into thin slices, served on bread with salad, possibly fries and sauce. The type of grill used for sandwiches is called doner, a term literally meaning rotating grill.

It is a practice that probably originated in Anatolia and known since the Middle Ages as reported by Burgundian traveler Bertrandon the Broquiere during his trip in 1431. The meat is cut into slices of a few millimeters thick and is stacked on a vertical spindle. An electric resistance or gas burners located behind the tower allows the beef to cook. Once cooked, it is cut vertically into thin slices.

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