A Guide To Giving Artisan Chocolate Gifts

You can appropriately give top quality sweet treats to friends, family, or even professional contacts. Here are some tips for selecting the right artisan chocolate gifts for the right occasions, and the right people, in your life. Almost everyone likes a treat, but not all treats are equal.

Chocolate is often associated with romance. It releases a flood of dopamine when nibbled on, making a loved one or romantic partner feel especially happy. If you're giving this kind of treat to the object of your affection, make sure the expense and the scale of the present is appropriate for how long the two of you have been involved.

When you are new to a romantic relationship, don't overdo it with an extravagant gift. A few high quality truffles in a small box, with just a few bites of ganache cream filling, is the perfect way to tell a partner you're thinking of them. In a long term serious relationship, the bigger the box and the more luxurious the selection of chocolates, the better.

Another good target for the gift of luxury candy is a professional colleague, like a client with whom you've just completed a big work project. Try sending a box of assorted top notch chocolates to their office to impress an upscale client, and thank them for a business partnership. Because artisan chocolates are made from top quality ingredients, and are usually made by hand, they'll create a positive impression.

When it comes to giving treats to friends, it's not the size that matters, it's the specificity. If you know your pal is a big whiskey drinker or wine fan, select chocolates that pair with those beverages. If you know your friend likes the bright taste of orange fruit, find a truffle with a bit of citrus zest. Show your pal you know them well, with a uniquely chosen treat.

You might want to give a box of truffles to a friend on his or her birthday, but that's not the only right time. Any life milestone, like moving to a new abode, or finishing a marathon or walkathon, is a good time to celebrate with a sweet treat. For romantic partners, anniversaries and Valentine's Day are traditional chocolate buying days for good reason, and the better the chocolate, the luckier your mate.

When it comes to work gifts, you don't need to wait for a specific occasion or a holiday. Let your client or co-worker be reminded of you anytime. Keep yourself in their thoughts with a generous and delicious gift that celebrates your ongoing working relationship on any day, just to let them know you're glad you work together.

Be sure that you treat yourself, too. Try samples from different chocolate makers to find a favorite. Once you do, you can give that style or brand of confection to lots of different people, since it is an age-neutral and non-gendered gift. So, have fun shopping and doing some taste tests!

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