Enjoy Non Acidic Coffee Without Heartburn

Are you a cafe-au-lait lover who no longer can sip this beverage because it upsets your stomach? Well, cheer up. You can resume the time-honored pursuit of sitting over the morning paper with a steaming cup next to you - or enjoy an afternoon pick-me-up - by using non acidic coffee. Actually, the term maybe should be 'low acid', since some acids will remain.

Some acids remain in all types of coffees, but this is good. Authorities say that it is the acids that give the brew its flavor. Only some of the highly acidic compounds found in the beans cause problems. People who are sensitive may experience heartburn, indigestion, and acid reflux. These side effects can be eliminated or minimized by methods of growing the beans, roasting them, or processing them.

Although many people just give up drinking coffee, others find this either hard or impossible to do. These people just put up with the discomfort; they may not even realize that coffee is causing stomach problems. However, there are ways to make less irritating brews, and many people have been able to indulge once more in comfort.

You'll find many low-acid coffees if you search. Some beans are lower in acids than others; it may be the type of soil they are grown on or the altitude of the field. Arabica beans are popular for grinds advertised as less-acidic. Long, slow roasting reduces acidity, as well. You can find these gentler-to-your-stomach varieties in regular, decaffeinated, and flavored brews, as well as in medium, dark, and French roasts.

Another way to pamper both your taste buds and your intestinal tract is to use the cold-brewing method. This fact is known to many, but for others it may be earth-shaking news. There are coffee-makers that use cold water, grounds, and an extended steeping period of at least overnight and optimally twelve hours. Strain out the elixir, mix it with either hot or cold water, and enjoy.

Many believe that the cold-brew method not only gives you a gentler cup of coffee, it also gives you one with more flavor. For those who fear that drinking several cups of coffee a day is giving them an ulcer, this alternative is definitely worth a try. Who knows, you may join the multitudes who now do cold brewing.

Check out the devices you can buy to learn more about the art of cold-brewing. There are also recipes online to use household utensils to get the same results. The devices are no more expensive than a good drip system, but all you really need is a covered bowl, a strainer or filter, and a spoon.

To get full flavor without gastrointestinal distress, try one of the low-acid products on the market. You also can see if the cold-brewing method works for you; those who like this way of brewing say that the flavor may even be better than they found with the traditional boiling water drip. There are Arabica blends, Colombian roasts, and many other products to try. Real coffee lovers will have lots of fun finding a low-acid blend that they really like and that doesn't hurt their stomachs.

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